Call for Submissions to Voices Heard Anthology Series

(Closed for now. Will reopen later)

Book Description

This is a collection of non-fiction essays and stories by members of the Downtown Writers Center prose writers. We will name the title of the book later.

The co-editors of this anthology are Apple An and Georgia Popoff. The book will be designed by Susan Keeter and published by Voices Heard Publishing, LLC, an independent publisher established by Dr. Ping Zhang, a professor at Syracuse University. 

We include any prose style in, but not limited to, the following themes:

The expected length of each piece is about 2,000 words. 

Authors will keep the copyright of their pieces after the book’s publishing. 

Time Table

Initial Submission Instruction

(Submissions are due January 15, 2024)

The next step is to submit your piece. This instruction will guide you and facilitate efficient processing, thus saving everyone time. 

Content Preparation

Please include the following:

See the following list of themes. If yours is not on the list, please indicate the best theme for your piece. 

The editors may reassign a theme to your piece after reading all submissions.

Please refrain from using endnotes or footnotes.

File Preparation

Please name your file as Lastname_Title and format your document double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pts, 1” margin around, and indented paragraphs (not block style). 

To allow us to easily add context-sensitive comments and annotations, submit the work in Microsoft Word format. To save from Pages: click on File/Export To for the dropdown menu and select Word. If you have trouble with this, please email Georgia or Apple An.  

File Submission

Send an email titled “Anthology Submission” with the document as an attachment to

Any Questions? 

Contact us at or